Fiber Optic

The Fiber Optic Technology is considered today one of the most modern illumination systems in the world. The plastic fiber optic is an excellent light conductor, it guides from a low consumption source with just one light bulb to other several points. In this process, there is no electric or thermal energy conduction what makes this type of illumination totally safe. Through a colorization device, it is possible to generate movement and special effects, whatever the use. As a result, there is some impact, efficient and dynamic illumination what catches the attention of the beholder of architectural, decoration or visual communication applications. 


Basically, the light conduction process by fiber optics cables can be done in two different ways: point and perimeter.

Endlight Type (point light emission): in the system of point light conduction, the light is guided from one end to another, and which presents the possible lowest loss along this trajectory. So, with just one illumination source, several optical points can be illuminated.

Sidelight Type (side light emission): in the side conduction system, there is controlled light loss along the fiber, what provides homogeneous and continuous illumination effect that is ideal for decoration.


Both systems can work with color changes and special illuminated effects.


  • Energetic Efficiency – high levels of illumination through low electrical consumption sources. Several points are illuminated with only one light bulb. 
  • Safety – it is the only system that does not conduct electrical energy to the end point, what guarantees safe applications against shocks even inside water.
  • Without temperature or ultraviolet rays. – They do not convey infrared (heating) and ultraviolet rays. However, they offer illumination with quality without any harm to the exposed objects which are sensitive to rays. 
  • CRI – they allow perfect illumination with high color reproduction rates.
  • Durability – they are extremely durable, the maintenance of the system is sporadic, it happens away from the end point and it is quite simple (it is basically the change of just one light bulb).
  • Effects – There are several possibilities as simple color change, starry sky simulations, sparks, intermittence, waves and others.
  • Eco efficiency/ Eco design – Due to the low energy consumption and production process with little waste which is totally recyclable, the products are considered ecofriendly. 
  • Several usages – the endless possibilities of different and creative material usage which are only limited by the imagination.