6 differentials that make Fiber Optics the best option for water illumination

iluminação de piscina

Ago until now, the recreational areas are no longer mere daytime equipment for conventional use but also to assume a leading role in the decoration and architecture of these spaces . Following this premise definitely adopted by industry professionals , lighting is key point , by allowing compose stunning night scenery . However , how to light a pool, for example , creating the desired a esthetic effect , without neglecting essential factors of safety, well-functioning economy and maintenance? Below , the main reasons for you to opt for lighting optical fibers when the subject is water.

1. Total elimination of shock hazards .lighting technology with optical fibers is the world’s only system that leads absolutely no electrical power to the spots , a fact that makes it the safest system in this type of application.

2. Ease of InstallationContrary to what many still think, to install a system of optical fibers requires a very simplified and inexpensive infrastructure. The total installation time in a pool or water surface is fast and does not require skilled labor .

3. Energy EfficiencySystems of optical fibers are merely light conductors , which is generated by a remote source of the element to be lighted . This power supply has a single lamp which is capable of feeding several optical fiber cables and thus generate light for various underwater spots . The reduction in power consumption is significant.

4. absolute absence of maintenance on spotlight In underwater applications, once installed the system there will be no need for maintenance in spots . The repairs are summarized periodic exchange of a single lamp in the light source , far away from the water. 

5. Exquisite Esthetics great quality and intensity of light, discrete underwater spots that no more than 4.5 cm diameter and the possibility of color change , together, generate large decorative value on aquatic applications of fiber optics. There is also the possibility of different other effects, such as hold a star ground at the bottom of a pool.

6. Diversity of water uses The technology of optical fiber fits with all its benefits also for pools, spas , water features , whirlpools , waterfalls , fountains, and where else the imagination allows . 

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