Urban project illuminated by FASA receives adaptation to the “Pink October” campaign

The lighting of Friedrich Bayer bridge, located in São Paulo, took center stage in the “Pink October” campaign for the prevention of breast cancer.
Urban apparatus already had FASA lighting on the perimeter of the two great “islands” that support its structure. The technique used for the linear effect that surrounds the islands was the side light emiting fiber optic. The initial purpose of this part of the project was to carry out an architectural outline of light, alternating  between the colors of the Bayer logo (green, blue and white), with its reflection on the surface of Guarapiranga River.
The change of the filter made for the month of October consisted in replace these color patterns by pink hue, symbol of the campaign.
The company must promote similar action next month, this time to the “Blue November” campaign, that defends prevention of prostate cancer.